Coronado Portraits with the Davis Family

I met the Davis family in mid February when Mark Davis contacted me regarding family portraits. He and his wife Kathy were in town from Ohio for just another day and they wanted to capture some memories of their visit with their son and daughter-in-law Mark and Renee and their grandson Cameron.  We met in Coronado near the Ferry Landing. Like most two-year-old boys, Cameron was so full of energy! He wanted to chase birds and pet all the dogs that came across his path.

Thank you for allowing me to capture these precious family moments, and I hope Ohio warms up quickly!





San Diego Portraits with the Houser Family

The Houser family wanted a short portrait session, so towards the end of February, I met them at Balboa Park for a little fun on a sunny Friday morning. Shannon, her husband Brodie, and their 1 and a half and three-year-old sons hadn’t had family photos done in about a year, and instead of standard portrait poses, they wanted photos with a bit more of a lifestyle feel.

We started out in one of Balboa Park’s many gardens before deciding to really let the boys roam free. We ended up at a fountain where the boys splashed around a bit.

There was tons of laughter and smiles, and I had so much fun hanging out. I can’t wait to work with you again!

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Senior Portraits in Carlsbad with Sammy

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I ventured out to Carlsbad for a senior portrait session with Sammy. His mother contacted me about the session and mentioned that she knows of a mural that could make a cool backdrop for her son — she was right! The multi-colored tiger mural on Carlsbad Boulevard called “Catnap” was created by Michael Summers as part of the 2013 Mural Project. The brightly-colored backdrop worked perfectly with Sammy’s red tee and electric guitar.

After taking a few portraits at the mural, me, Sammy and his mom, Annette, chased the sun down near the beach before finding the perfect set of dark gray stairs for Sammy and his guitar.

I had a great time with you both, and Sammy, I’m wishing you all the best for your senior year and beyond!

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San Diego Family Portraits with Michael and Mitzye

Mitzye decided to surprise her husband Michael with a portrait session to celebrate his birthday which fell on Super Bowl Sunday. The couple brought along their beautiful 3-month-old daughter who showed interest in everyone and everything around her. While at the beach, we not only experienced a beautiful sunset, but the generosity of a few ladies who gave up their hammock for a few minutes so Mitzye could breastfeed her daughter. We really appreciate your generosity!

Mitzye and Michael, I hope you guys had a great time and had a safe drive back to Pasadena!

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San Diego Couples Portraits with Fred & Katie

In February, I met a super cute couple named Fred and Katie. He had just moved to San Diego from London four months ago, and she was visiting the United States for the very first time. The pair met at an airport baggage claim almost a year ago. While Fred and Katie didn’t sit together or talk on the plane, the connection they made when they bumped into each other upon deplaning was instant and they’ve kept in touch since that flight. Fred, a student at the University of San Diego, plans to visit Katie in Hong Kong in the Spring.

Good luck guys as you prepare to celebrate your one-year anniversary!