San Diego Engagement Session at Balboa Park

Meet Hillary and Jeryan. They are engaged. We met on a weekend in February at Balboa Park. While Jeryan looked for a parking spot, Hillary and I chatted a bit. I learned that Jeryan moved to San Diego from Long Beach and is in the IT field. Hillary is a teacher and an artist. In fact, she’s drawn up some pretty cool wedding-inspired animals to use as decorations for their big day.

Best of luck to the both of you as you prepare to spend your lives together!

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Ky turns 5!

Earlier this year, my little man turned 5 years old. I love the idea of documenting each year with a photo, and this year I had all sorts of plans for his session including a few locations in La Jolla and downtown San Diego. On the day of the shoot, my guy decides he’d rather stay home. In my attempts to go with the flow, we compromised and turned the staircase of our complex into the set of Ky’s five-year-old session.

I think it turned out well, and Ky even helped with the wardrobe selection! Happy birthday little man.






Lost Love Portrait Session: Collaboration with Heather Wight Photography

I had the absolute pleasure to work with a talented group of professionals earlier this year on a fun, dark, Valentine’s-Day inspired photoshoot. Natalie Blea is a talented model and marine biologist who has worked with numerous San Diego photographers, Hannah Breski is an amazing hair stylist who works at La Dolce Belladonna Salon (she also did Natalie’s makeup), and Heather is the owner of Heather Wight Photography and a co-worker at my day job. It was so much fun swapping ideas and learning from one another!

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