What qualifies as a portrait session?
Family, child, couple and individual photos count as portrait sessions. Jobs like family reunions and headshots fall under the event and headshot categories respectively.

How much should I expect to spend?
How much you spend is entirely up to you, but clients at Ese Esan Photography typically spend an average of $800.

Portrait session fees start at $250, digital files start at $50 and prints start at $20.  

How many outfits can I wear?
You can change into as many outfits as you like during your allotted session time.

The choice of what to wear is entirely up to you, but we recommend keeping outfits clean and simple with no distracting patterns or logos (we want people to see your faces first and not your clothes). Adding or removing a jacket, hat or scarf are quick and easy ways to create a new look.

What happens if I’m late for my session?
Your session begins at the agreed-upon time. If you are late, the time will be deducted from your session unless Ese Esan Photography has been notified at least 24 hours in advance and agreed to the new time.

What if I need to cancel?
Should you need to cancel, Ese Esan Photography must be notified at least 24 hours before your session. The retainer is nonrefundable but will be credited toward a future shoot if you cancel your session with at least 24 hours notice and reschedule your appointment within seven (7) days of cancellation. After seven (7) days or two (2) cancellations/postponements, your retainer will no longer be available to put towards a session.

How many people can be in a session?
We understand that families come in all sizes, and we would love to photograph everyone you’d like to include in your portraits. There is no additional fee for large groups, but please keep in mind that the variety of poses will be more limited the larger the group. 

What if I need more time than what’s included in my package?
If you feel that we haven’t gotten all the portraits you would like during our time together, you can add a time extension for $25/half hour provided there is not already another session booked.

How will I get my portraits?
Within two weeks of your portrait session, you will receive a link to a private, online, watermarked gallery where you can view your proofs and order any prints or digital products you like. Printed products will be delivered within three to four weeks to the mailing address you provide at checkout, and digital files will be delivered via email within 48 hours.

If you choose not to order during the two-week viewing window, your portraits will be archived. If you decide you would like to place an order after the portraits have been archived, there will be a $100 retrieval fee which will be applied as a credit to any purchase you make.

Why are the images watermarked?
All portraits in your proofing gallery are watermarked because the files have not yet been purchased. Any printed or digital products you purchase will be watermark free.

If you would prefer to view your proofs without a watermark, I am happy to set up an in-person viewing appointment at an agreed-upon time and location.

How many proofs will I be able to see during my viewing and ordering appointment?
The number of photos will vary based on several factors including the type of session, number of people involved and variety of locations. We only edit the best images from each session and try to offer several different options for you to choose from. A typical one-location, one-hour portrait session will generally average between 25 and 40 images. 

Will there be any black and white images?
Before converting an image to black and white, we ask ourselves several things… does the conversion enhance the emotion in the image? Does it save an otherwise great image where the color version is uncorrectable? Will it match a set(s) that are already in black and white? If the answer to any of these is yes, then I will convert the image to black and white. If you’d like to see the color version of a black and white image, just ask! 

What kind of products do you offer?
There are so many great products out there, and it would be nearly impossible to offer everything, so at Ese Esan Photography, we focus on
Matted Folio Prints, Mounted Wall Prints, Canvases and Canvas Clusters.

Do you offer digital images?
Yes. With each standard portrait session, you will also receive 10 digital images suitable for printing up to an 8×10.

Can I just purchase the unedited photos or RAW files?
No, we do not show or sell unedited work or release RAW files.

What if I only want the 10 digital files included in my portrait session?
That is perfectly fine. While it’s our goal to offer you several must-have portraits, we understand that several factors, including budget, wall space and need, can play a role in your purchasing decisions.

Will my portraits be posted online?
Your portraits will not be posted online publically until you have placed your order. Once your order has been placed, some photos from your session may be used for blog posts and for Ese Esan Photography marketing purposes including Facebook and Instagram.

What if I’d like some retouching?
We want to ensure your photos receive the finishing touches you are looking for, so while all of the images you receive will be edited (color, exposure, cropping and facial blemishes), please let us know if you would like some retouching on your final images. 

Retouching on things beyond the photographer’s control (body shape, clothing choice, hairstyle, makeup, etc.) will be $50 an image. Skin smoothing and teeth whitening are complimentary and included in the editing of all headshots and individual portraits. 

What if I know someone who wants a portrait session?
We love it when clients put us in touch with their friends and family! Just send them a
referral card and they’ll receive a complimentary mounted 11×14 print from their session! 

Returning clients will receive a $20 gift card good for the purchase of printed or digital products from their gallery!

Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Feel free to contact me.