San Diego Engagement Session at Balboa Park

Meet Hillary and Jeryan. They are engaged. We met on a weekend in February at Balboa Park. While Jeryan looked for a parking spot, Hillary and I chatted a bit. I learned that Jeryan moved to San Diego from Long Beach and is in the IT field. Hillary is a teacher and an artist. In fact, she’s drawn up some pretty cool wedding-inspired animals to use as decorations for their big day.

Best of luck to the both of you as you prepare to spend your lives together!

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Wedding: La Jolla Couples Session with Gus & Inna

Gus and Inna made the trip from Denver, Colorado to San Diego to spend a few days together celebrating their love. The pair, who met online, will be getting married overseas in the fall, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to get away for a preview wedding session. Their love for each other showed with every look, touch and word that flowed from their mouths and I am so honored that I was asked to document their special moments.

Here’s to you Gus and Inna as you prepare to spend the rest of your lives together!








San Diego Maternity Portraits with D & J

I was ecstatic the day my friend told she was pregnant and just knew I wanted to get her and her husband in front of my lens. We met on a chilly Thursday in May just before sunset and the love this couple had towards each other was so evident.

It will be a few more weeks until the little miss makes her grand appearance and I can hardly wait!




San Diego Maternity Portraits with Ashley & Trevor

It was such an honor to meet Ashley and her husband Trevor who have been in San Diego for almost two years. The pair met in North Carolina and are expecting their first child in two months. Ashley, a student, and Trevor, who is in the military, were so easy and fun to work with.

Congratulations to both of you, and I wish you all the best for the rest of the pregnancy!





San Diego Maternity Portraits with Jacque & Norman

It’s always a pleasure when you have repeat clients and even more so when they are celebrating a milestone life moment. I had the opportunity to photograph Jacque and Norman a few months after shooting their group family photo at a church. We walked along the cove before ending the session with the seals at sunset.

I wish you both the best as you begin this new chapter in life and hope that your little one brings you all the joy you deserve!




San Diego Couples Portraits with Fred & Katie

In February, I met a super cute couple named Fred and Katie. He had just moved to San Diego from London four months ago, and she was visiting the United States for the very first time. The pair met at an airport baggage claim almost a year ago. While Fred and Katie didn’t sit together or talk on the plane, the connection they made when they bumped into each other upon deplaning was instant and they’ve kept in touch since that flight. Fred, a student at the University of San Diego, plans to visit Katie in Hong Kong in the Spring.

Good luck guys as you prepare to celebrate your one-year anniversary!